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Khzedan est. was established in 1999 to provide innovative and creative business solutions by improving life styles and work flow. Our industries include education, healthcare, banking and, government institutes.

We are honored to present our business philosophy which is based upon providing products and services by adding extra value to the total package we offer, allowing clients to achieve maximum operational efficiencies and thereby improving productivity hence profitability through a unique synthesis of industry and technical expertise.

Khzedan applies the most relevant technology to each client's business needs.

  • Who: Talented and creative individuals
  • What: Doing things better
  • When: Faster
  • Where: In Saudi Arabia
  • How: By taking a different approach

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Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We have products and services that enhance the workflow of any organization that collects data and needs it in the form of useful information. Since potential clients are the reason why we are here in the first place, they are our most voluble asset.

We consider our clients as long term partners. Their growth is ours. Stemming from this value that we hold, is a strong policy of confidentiality and respect.

Please take your time to see how we can work together and how we can both benefit from working together.

we started out in the marketing sector to market products for other companies. once we found the need for more usable information, we started data filteration and extraction. then included strategy development and profit ability.
now we are covering different sectors with services such as consulting, information, all aspects of OMRs, and included building materials.
hoping that we are heading in the direction we planned, we would like to diversify more into environmental products and


Form Design & Printing

Every client has their own goals in using an Optical Mark Reader. Therefore the need for different forms will need different designs. We can design what you need and print it and get it ready for you when you need it.

Customised Programs and Reports

Every client has their own wants and needs, we can help by creating software to fit into the short and long term goals.

Data Filteration and Extraction

Information is out there. One just needs to know how, where, and what to look for. We help our clients do that by filtering and sifting through data and converting it into meaningful information and present it in a way to help them make more informed decisions.

profit abilities

If you have ever wondered if your product or service is actually generating the desired profit you want, then we can help you. We can show you exactly what you are spending and what is coming in. including opportunities.

Asset Protection

Assets have value to people and companies alike. Whether it is a merchandise, people, or even pets. We can help you track and know the location of such assets.


Sometimes it takes someone from outside the loop of operation to notice any new opportunities or the enhancement of existing operational methods. We value confidentiality in working closely with our clients who wish to keep their methods private.

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